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Josh Gwin MBA
Josh Gwin MBA

I'm a business owner and LinkedIn instructor. I've been using LinkedIn since 2008 to grow my professional network and generate new business and opportunities. I believe it's one of the most valuable business tools available to professionals. I also teach and write about using LinkedIn and digital marketing to grow your business. I've taught over 21,109 students online. I'd love for you to join this course.

What you get from LinkedIn Blueprint

You will learn the exact steps to get an "All Star" LinkedIn profile and how to get more contacts, clients and job opportunities from LinkedIn.

My LinkedIn profile used to suck...

LinkedIn changed my business.

I joined LinkedIn in 2008.

From 2008-2013 my LinkedIn profile was crap. Literally. I got no business and almost no connections.

At that time I worked as Marketing Director for a large automotive group.

I wanted to use LinkedIn to connect with the "VIP's" in my industry.

So I started learning everything I could about LinkedIn...

I bought every course and read every article I could find.

Since then I've gone from under 500 connections to 6,266 (as of 7/10/17). My LinkedIn profile consistently ranks in the top 2-3% of my connections.

I get new business and leads from LinkedIn almost every day.

In this course, I'll show you my exact system I use to do this.

Why this course is great for business people

In this course, I show you step by step how to get an awesome LinkedIn profile and grow your professional network. I show you exactly how to stay in front of your connections in a few minutes a week.

I designed this course to save you a ton of time and effort by showing you exactly what to do.

Here are some of the topics I cover in the course:

  • The top 5 updates to supercharge your LinkedIn profile
  • What's working for getting business in 2017 (regularly updated lecture)
  • How to write your headline, summary, and previous job descriptions to get more contacts and grow your network.
  • How to get more views on your LinkedIn profile using some simple but little-known tips.
  • The way to make sure your LinkedIn privacy settings are not keeping you from being found.
  • How to add sections to your profile that get you business (that most people don't know about)
  • Where to add your contact info to get more business.
  • How to add keywords to have your profile show up in the top of LinkedIn (and Google).
  • How to post on LinkedIn AND what to post to get more business leads.
  • How to set your LinkedIn posts to automatic (this saves you a ton of time).
  • Using blogging on LinkedIn to get business.
  • How to easily get more endorsements and recommendations on your profile.
  • How to add hundreds of LinkedIn connections with a few clicks.
  • How to find and connect with key people at ANY company (managers, VPs, and CEOs)
  • A way to message your new contacts without being sleazy.
  • Advanced strategies to get you more business.

Bonus #1: My complete LinkedIn profile template for you to copy and paste. It's literally a done for your LinkedIn profile (not available anywhere else).

Bonus #2: My bonus training on how to easily create a gorgeous personal branding website from your LinkedIn profile. Drag and drop easy and free.

How you can get an amazing LinkedIn profile today...

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P.S. As I add more lectures and bonuses, the course price will go up. But, when you enroll, you get all future updates included at no extra cost. Hope to see you in the course.

Need more proof?

Check out some of the student feedback below.

Also, here's how my profile ranked on LinkedIn (Note: LinkedIn changed this featured in 2017):

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Quick results and still more to do!

Great course, very practical. After starting to implement Josh's initial suggestions from the course, my profile rank jumped 37% from #52 of 283 to #22 of #373 and I still have many more suggestions to implement. Thanks!

- Courtlin Holt-Nguyen

Expectations Exceeded!

Josh - THANK YOU! For creating such a kick arse course!!! You know your stuff brother & my Profile ranking jumped from 63% to the Top 10% amongst my connections in less than 2 weeks. Yeeeehaw ;-P

- Cleo Caban

Class Curriculum

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Learn from a Pro

Great course, with lots of useful techniques to rank higher, and achieve results with LinkedIn. All of the course material was high quality, with additional resources and examples to learn from. Very happy for finally finishing this course and taking action!

- Darcy Cardinal

3x5 STARS - I Should Explain!

This is the third time I took a course from Josh and all of them were 5 stars quality. To see the effect his training has had on me go check out my profile on LinkedIn - ca.linkedin.com/in/gfredferguson. It's not perfect and it's not done yet... but I've had more action on there in the last week than I've had since I joined LinkedIn. More importantly I now know what to do there which is way ahead of where I was.

- Fred Ferguson

This is a good course from Josh. I already had a good LinkedIn profile with over 1100 connections but implementing the steps Josh recommended has enabled me to reach a higher level of visibility on LI. I worked through the course over a lunchtime and I have started to see more profile views and new connections already. Thanks, Josh.


Mike Pitt

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn that I can't find anywhere else?
Nothing. Almost all of the information is available online. The benefit of taking this course is that you get it all in one place with all my PDF quick start templates and resources. It's a step by step system for getting the best LinkedIn profile you've ever had.
Do I get access to future updates?
Yep! When you invest in a course with me, you get future access to all updates forever. Check out all of the course options below.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I want you to be totally satisfied and I'm confident you will be. But, If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-Day No Hassle refund of 100% of your purchase price.
How is the course taught?
The course includes HD video lectures. Most of them are screen capture videos so you can "watch over my shoulder" as I show you exactly what to do on your LinkedIn profile. I also include PDF resources and copy and paste templates so you can get the fastest results possible.
What if I have questions while taking the course?
Below each video in each lecture, there is a comment section where you can ask question. I get an email whenever a new comment is posted so I can reply. I reply to all comments...so ask away :)

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